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Child's Role

  • To respect the rights of the group and the other individuals in the environment
  • To experience his/her own life and draw his/her own conclusions
  • Through play the child will be led naturally to work.  Work being the task of the human being to master the environment and later adapt and transform society
  • Through his/her work the child will develop the responsibility that accompanies the freedom to choose his/her own direction

Parent's Role
  • To be sensitive to the needs of the child
  • To see the child as having infinite possibilities to learn
  • To allow the home environment be a learning environment
  • To limit negative and/or excessive stimuli in a child's life (such as television and video games)
  • To provide a healthy nutritious diet limiting empty "sugar" calories
  • To agree to communicate with the teacher on a regular basis
  • To be involved with and assist the classroom teacher when and wherever possible
  • To nurture and encourage your child to be the best person he/she can be

Teacher's Role

  • To follow the child's interest and needs
  • To prepare an environment that is educationally interesting and safe
  • To lead the child to discover his/her own truth and develop his/her own abilities
  • To observe, analyze and provide materials and activities appropriate for the child's sensitive periods of learning
  • To maintain communications with the parent on a regular basis

Please note that a large majority of the parent and teacher roles overlap in description.  Therefore it is important to maintain some consistency between home and school to provide the child with the best opportunity for a fulfilling experience.